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Oregon State Hospital

January 2011

Oregon State Hospital cremated remains of approximately 3,500 people who died between 1914 and the 1970s at several facilities including:


Seattle, Washington

The fat lady fell to her death through the upstairs floor of an of a cafe located near Seattle's Cibola Clothing Store. Her legs dandled from the ceiling blow. 

TJ, her husband received insurance benefits of $8000.  His grandson would later call the money a "curse."   TJ bought a beautiful organ with his new wealth.  He soon met a new girlfriend at a skid row bar and they lived a colorful life.  It must of been something he said, because the girlfriend took a butcher knife and went after the organ and TJ.

Severely wounded, he lay in the hospital for two weeks.  He decided not to press charges and she was released from jail.  He died a couple years later in a flophouse in Seattle's Pioneer Square.  He succumbed to the effects of drinking wood alcohol and lay in his room a week before he was found.


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